A day in the life of  an… HR Professional

Being an HR Generalist at Pointlogic is like wearing a two-sided jacket - one side is fun and colourful, connecting with Pointlogic employees, socialising and scouting for new talent, and the other side is serious and righteous, taking care of day-to-day operational HR tasks and driving organizational change initiatives, while being clear and consistent in your communication, since fairly treatment is one of our core values.


A normal working day for me is never similar to the previous one, so that makes it exciting, but also challenging - you can never anticipate when people need you, with different requests - personal or HR-related. That’s why it’s really important to be friendly, empathic and always willing to listen, help and connect people. And seeing that we have people from more than 20 nationalities, with different backgrounds, personalities and approaches, you really have to be open and learn to ‘read people between the lines’.


Pointlogic growth and future with Nielsen

Pointlogic has grown a lot in the  past years, so I have also grown with it, in different positions, and I am proud to be part of the growth, by scouting talent to our teams, and by improving employee engagement.  Besides the satisfaction of being part of this bright, diverse group of people, I love the open atmosphere we cultivate at Pointlogic. And looking forward, I am really curious to see what  the future will bring, and how being part of Nielsen is going to bring a fresh air into our work environment, practices and people.