What are your background and your current position at Pointlogic?

I studied Econometrics and Operational Research at Maastricht University. After my Master in Mathematical Economics, I moved to Rotterdam and started at Pointlogic. At this moment, I am the technical lead of the Implementation team in the Strategy vertical of Pointlogic.


How did your career evolve at Pointlogic?

I started in the Intelligence department, which was a mixture of what is now Data Science and Implementation. I worked on both modelling projects, to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns as well as implementing our software tools, mainly Commspoint and Bizpoint. Quickly I realized that I do not want to focus on a single direction, but instead love to be involved in many different products, projects, and clients.

After my first year, I managed my own project for the Dutch government, where we measured the effectiveness of the government campaigns. I loved this role because I was the go-to person for the developers, clients and my teammates. I got involved in more and bigger projects and became the global lead for a few of our global agency clients.

Last year I got the opportunity to go to New York for three months to be closer to our US clients. After just a few days there, we signed a big project with one of the biggest global advertisers and I got the opportunity to manage this project as well. Although it was though and required a lot of hard work, I loved that I got this opportunity. It was a lot more client facing than what I get to do in Rotterdam and the client was very technical which was another challenge. After we delivered the first results, we also got some insight into the politics that play in such big global companies, from which I learned a lot.

Currently, I am back in Rotterdam as technical lead of the implementation team. Together with my colleague who does people management, we keep the team motivated and interested, while ensuring that projects are delivered on time and in right quality. Together with the team, I work on improving our working methods, both in quality and in scalability. In addition to that, I keep on doing what I love most, namely project managing the more complicated and technically challenging projects.


Why is Pointlogic is a fun place to work and good environment for your professional growth?

Pointlogic is a young company people with many millennials. Work hard, play hard could be our motto. Pointlogic is all about teamwork, everyone is willing to help each other if there are questions or a strict deadline. You also get every opportunity to grow at Pointlogic; if you show interest and ambition, you can grow really quickly and get more responsibility.

There are many smart people at Pointlogic that you can learn from. In addition, there is a nice mix of people who know all about marketing and media on one side and people who know all about mathematics and software development, on the other side. There are no stupid questions in Pointlogic and there is a horizontal structure, which means that everyone is approachable. I moved to Rotterdam for work and did not know anyone; my Pointlogic colleagues introduced me into the city (and party) life, which is extremely fun! Especially now that we have a lot of foreign colleagues that have moved for their job, the social aspect is really nice.