Pointlogic hosts an In-house Day for Groningen students

To continue our long tradition and cooperation with Econometrics studies and associations, this year, on May 9, we host our second In-house Day with students from Vesting Groningen. 

A group of students will visit our office, meet our Data Scientists and Analytics Consultants, learn about our work culture, projects and challenges. They will also get the chance to prove themselves, as they will be tested with a case study.


Watch-effect real-life project


The case we have prepared for students this year is based on a real-life project. Our client is a TV network that wants to optimize the promotional campaign for one of their drama series. During the case, we will work with actual respondent-level viewing data to understand what drives people to tune-in to the season premiere of one of their drama series. To understand the effect of promotions, we also need to understand what other factors (e.g. viewing behavior) explain whether a respondent will watch or not.

The students will be asked to analyze the data and use modeling and other statistical techniques to find the effect of promotions on tune-in to the series. The students will not only be asked to solve the case but also to translate the results to a strategic advice for the client.

At the end of the program, we will evaluate their performance, present our results and ... have some networking drinks and most likely some foosball or ping-pong games.