What does a starter Data Scientist do at Pointlogic? 

"Pointlogic is my first ‘official’ (study-related) job – I arrived here straight after graduation. Obviously, a little bit anxious, since I did not know what to expect from a 9-5 job in general, and more specifically the working life at Pointlogic.

As a Junior Data Scientist, you are part of a certain team: Data Science - Media Strategy, Implementation, Data Science - Media Planning, and more. Rest assured: the team assignment is not carved in stone. I, for example, got the possibility to discover two teams for a while to determine what I would prefer. I will shortly focus on these two teams (Implementation and Data Science), as this will enable me to share information from first-hand experience.


You will be working with a lot of survey data

Working as an Data Scientist within Implementation implies you will be working with a lot of survey data. A considerable part of your endeavors focuses on data analysis and tool configuration. Data analysis comprises evaluating the correctness of data, data inference, transformations of variables etc. Whenever the data is processed, focus shifts to uncovering the insights and visualizing them using our suite of tools, which involves quite some technical configuration tasks.

The Data Science - Media Strategy team mostly revolves around one task: Modelling. Whatever retrospective question a client is interested in, the Data Science team will dive into it, using state-of-the-art modeling techniques. A lot of emphasis is put into education here as well, as it is deemed important to keep up with the latest innovations within Econometrics /Statistics / Computer Science.


Working with a mentor

The first few weeks the emphasis, naturally, lies with training, together with a mentor. Some trainings cover generic aspects of working, the types of projects we deliver, etc. However, I was very pleased with also being technically challenged straightaway: I had to improve my R skills, get acquainted with the standardized workflow within R and had to learn several modeling techniques unfamiliar to me.

Meanwhile, I was dragged into several projects straightaway. And, starting at Pointlogic, there is no such thing as sitting on the sideline: responsibilities are thrust upon you from the first day on-wards. That combination of in-depth skill training and responsible roles within projects suited me very well – you get the possibility to add value immediately. Want to learn more? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!"


Do you want to join our Data Science - Media Strategy ? Check the requirements and our offer here.