'Pointlogic has an open and energetic working atmosphere'

"I started working at Pointlogic as Client Services Associate in June 2016. Clients can reach out to me with inquires regarding installation, registration or usage of our software products. Furthermore, I act as an intermediary between clients, Software Development Department and Analytical Consultants / Data Scientists, making sure that our clients receive excellent service and support.

As soon as I started working here, I noticed that personal development and ideas ownership are very much encouraged. If you have a good idea and you are able to convince stakeholders of its importance, the implementation will follow shortly. Obviously this stimulates employees' own initiative and growth.


I love working at Pointlogic

I love working at Pointlogic because of its positive, open and energetic working atmosphere. Of course, flexible working hours and location are very much appreciated and my personal favorite – the standing desk – is a big plus.  

When I am not making clients happy at Pointlogic, I enjoy lifting heavy objects in the gym, I occasionally go to a football match and I travel as much as possible. In addition, I enjoy painting, and I have FC Dordrecht as inspiration for my paintings. Interesting fact: original Bouwsma's can be found in California, USA."