'Pointlogic has the best company culture – based on trust'

"I started working 5 years ago as a freelancer on database projects, but since April 2015, I am an official employee. My given title is Senior Specialist in Data management, but I am more a Software Architect – the go-to person for performing analytical and media related queries and creating dashboards to directly interact with the data from these data sources.

Pointlogic is a good place to grow because here you can have a high growth path: there are no set-in-stone job descriptions, and the possibilities to approach your tasks are endless.


What I love most about Pointlogic is innovation

There is always room for innovation – for example 5 years ago, Pointlogic was mainly a software company and data was the second fiddle, but at this moment, there is an immense growth in the data side of Pointlogic – as we are continuously building database, dashboards, BI, etc. Let’s not forget about the introduction of distributing computing, our latest great innovation. 

I like all the folks working here, because everybody is focused on doing good work, people give space to each other, help and cover for each other. And even after 5 years, since I am working here, Pointlogic has the same company culture – based on trust.


My proud moment

I think is the release of our Spark distribution solution. It took 1.5 year to get it from Research & Development stage to a fully working solution. So this project that was keeping me awake in the evenings, it’s now giving a full-time job to a team of 5 people. And another proud moment is to be part of the Media Impact infrastructure.