'I really like to coach a young team of smart people'

'There is no ‘normal’ working day at Pointlogic, but for me most days are a mix of project and management related tasks or meetings. As a project manager, I regularly meet with the other members of the project team to look at e.g. the latest model results or a draft version of the final presentation.

Although I am not directly involved in  coding and modeling in the project, it does require substantial quantitative knowledge to judge the outcomes and to be able to make the right decisions. I am in contact with clients about data deliveries and present  the outcomes of the project either in person or in a conference call – depending on the client’s location.


Client proposals and project planning

Before a project starts, I am involved in creating client proposals and project planning. Besides the projects, I have management related tasks, such as people management, and being involved in recruitment and development of the team. Having the opportunity to coach a young team of smart people is something I really like. 


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