'Pointlogic is a good place to grow'

"I am an analytical consultant and started working at Pointlogic almost 4 years ago. Pointlogic is a good place to grow, because it helps you to grow both professionally and personally. You can do all sorts of trainings related to modelling, efficiency, project management etc., but you can also follow courses to strengthen your soft skills like communication or personal coaching. In addition, you are given the opportunity to grow in your career both vertically and horizontally.


The work we do is varied and it is very easy to move to another department, or work on different types of projects. Advancing in your current role is easy, if you show that you are up for the challenge. We are a team of young and motivated people and our age does not stop us to grow very fast and take on roles and activities with many responsibilities.


How does a regular working day look for you?

Pointlogic is an international company, so we work with clients all over the globe. When I arrive at the office (that is usually late, because I am not really a morning person), first I open my emails. If  I am working on projects for Asian clients, I  probably have emails waiting for me in my mailbox from clients or colleagues in Singapore, Thailand, Japan or China.


Around 11, Asia’s business day is ending, but my early birds American colleagues and clients will be slowly waking up. Usually, when we have something to send over to a client in the US, we like to send it before they wake up, so on busy days we would be finishing some work to send over before lunchtime. Throughout the day, I also catch-up regularly with my colleagues at the office, I make sure that my colleagues working on the modelling projects are making good progress, discuss project scope and next steps with my fellow project managers or client service colleagues or brainstorm on client proposals and solutions for new projects.


While my days are usually busy with project management related tasks, I also like to keep practicing my coding skills, which is why I often work on the modeling projects myself.


Pointlogic is one big family. Within other companies, you are just a number, but here you are a real person, which I appreciate. Your managers care about you and not only about your work development. Besides that, they are looking out for you and make sure that you are OK.


What’s your 'proud moment'?

I recently went to NY and Los Angeles to present the results of a project I was managing with my client services colleague, so for the first time in my career, I had to give the client a live presentation. All went well and the client was very happy, and my team thought that I could be a good account manager – which it feels very rewarding." 


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