'Part of the team and valuable from the start'

My career at Pointlogic started halfway 2014, during my Masters in Quantitative Marketing, when I was working on my thesis three days a week and as a student assistant the other two. Right from the start, I was part of different projects, and all my colleagues were there to answer my questions and to make me feel involved in the daily work. This convinced me to start as a full-time Data Scientist after completing my Master.

Now 4 years later my job is still very fun and interesting. Although my responsibilities have changed to a more client-focused position, I still think and talk about Data Science and Econometrics on a daily basis.

This combination of client focus and technical knowledge even lead to a move to New York to better support the work we do with our US clients. From May onwards,  I will be part of our US team and get the chance the work more directly with some very fun companies throughout the country.


Exciting career path 

During the first years, my responsibilities already grew quickly, making sure the work stayed interesting and challenging. After about one and half years I was leading the modeling for the Biggest US sports league, helping them understand what the most important aspects of fans experience are when visiting a stadium. Later, I started to lead more projects with increased autonomy, building relationships with new and existing clients. But also working closely together with colleagues to find the best possible solution for the problems these clients are facing. Always in an environment where everybody can and is encouraged to speak their mind.

With one of these clients, a big US sports network, the project was such a success that they wanted to present it during ESOMAR Latam (a very big Marketing Congress in Buenos Aires). Being the person in the lead of the project, I was also requested to come and tell more about the modeling part and co-present with our client. A great and very exciting opportunity!


Great working place for Econometrics students and Data scientists

Pointlogic is a great place to learn and grow, thanks to its high number of talented and knowledgeable people. Whether it is on marketing or on statistics, there are so many people who have a very extensive background and willing to help or brainstorm. In addition, as a team, Pointlogic is always working to keep its knowledge up to date, by having occasional or monthly meetings on a wide range of subjects. For example, we have meetings where we share knowledge on the use of R and others where we improve on our modelling methods.

All this focus on knowledge makes Pointlogic a very interesting company to work at, for an Econometrics student or a Data Science professional. Pointlogic is always trying new and exciting methods, in order to bring better insights to the clients, much more than other companies I had experience working with. The methods that we are using on a daily basis are, among others, Bayesian modeling, Variational Bayes, Gradient Boosting Machines and Random Forest.


Do you want to work with us?

If you are interested in Media in combination with Econometrics and data science, or you are looking for a great place to write your thesis, work as a student or start your career you should definitely come by and see what we have to offer. You will work in a young and fun team, on exciting projects for very cool clients.

At this moment we are looking for: