Encouraging women to code at Pointlogic

'I studied the Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics in Mexico, which I graduated in December 2013. During the summer of 2013, I did an internship in Germany, where I developed a special interest in for Business Intelligence. I could say that this internship was my entrance ticket to Pointlogic, where I’ve started as ETL Developer. At this moment, I am a Business Intelligence Developer, and after working 3 years in Pointlogic, I’ve been able to learn a lot!


What do you like/love about working at Pointlogic?

From the beginning, Pointlogic teams welcomes you with a smile and positive attitude. The work we do, can be challenging, but the team makes it easy-going. I love that I can work independently, have a flexible working schedule, and adjust my working hours to my needs, which in the end makes me work better. What I like the most of working at Pointlogic is that you make a difference, and people notice and recognize you, which is a great feeling to stay motivated.


Advice for people applying at Pointlogic

Make a good cover letter, it can make the difference to be selected for an interview. Be yourself from day one!


Is Pointlogic a good place to grow your career as a (female) developer?

Totally, the development team is always increasing, and women seem to be taking the lead lately. Also, you can be open about your preferences, maybe you want to take a slightly different path than the one you started with, and that’s usually fine. There is room to learn a lot, from your colleagues or from practice. And you are treated equally, I’ve never felt like I was less or more than my male colleagues.


Closing the gender gap in software development #womenincoding

I think this gap can be closed by more women getting an education in coding - there is a pretty old-fashioned idea that coding is for men, or that coding is extremely hard. But that’s not true, if you find coding interesting, you can make a great career out of it, regardless of your gender.


In addition, according to a study released by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, the jobs in development are one of the best paid jobs. Personally, I think that the best incentive is that you will be a role model for the younger generation, and you will make a difference wherever you end up working.