Encouraging women to code at Pointlogic

 "I have Bachelor Degree on Applied Mathematics and I am Software Engineer at Pointlogic, for almost two years. 


What do you like/love most about working at Pointlogic

Pointlogic gives great opportunities for professional development. Every idea is taken into account and you’re free to define your professional priorities. In addition, it’s a friendly environment for expats, everybody speaks English, we have flex desks, and we can work from home. I feel like I’m becoming better a developer every day, and I've “fully opened my wings” as an engineer at Pointlogic. 


Advice for potential candidates (women) applying at Pointlogic

If you’re a woman who is applying to software development position – know that there are other women in coding who are really happy to work here.


Closing the gender gap in software development #womenincoding

I think that ‘women don’t like/are not good at coding’ are just stereotypes. Coding is interesting and exciting and gender does not matter.There are several reasons why women don’t even consider becoming developers: they are not well informed about what a software developer's job consists in, never tried to code, so they are scared about it and they think a job in development comes with strict requirements such as: no part-time possibility, non-flexible working hours, regular extra hours and being a man.


A solution for this would be to include the basis of development in educational programs, as early as possible. In addition, employers should be friendlier to developers, and provide conditions that can fit for instance, working mother. And Pointlogic is such company! 


Despite the fact that there are so many men in this business – the first computer programmer in history was a woman (Ada Lovelace), so let’s not let stereotypes make choices for us."